Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Theory:

- that everyone is secretly hoping for the rainy day.

Enjoy yours!


Monday, 25 June 2012


How do I stay content in what God has chosen for me? How do I have peace in where He has placed me? Sometimes, it takes proactive measures. Sometimes, you have to be a little ferocious.


So, I listen to more songs about God, and less ones about “True Love.”


            I do the dishes and make brownies, to keep my head and hands busy – and to let this house in which I live become my home, again.

            I pick the best flowers the ditch has to offer and I give them to myself.

            I sit in the sun and visit with old friends, for the sun may not be out tomorrow.

            And, I am thankful for today; for who knows what may happen tomorrow, and who or what might be gone from me, forever.

- Millie

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Good Bye

They are leaving this country for another, today: our pastor of almost 19 years, and his wife.

It’s one of the few goodbyes I’ve had to say, and the hardest. Because ties in Christ run deep.

This is the man who married Abigail and Aimee to their grooms. He baptized Millie as an infant and Grammy – water on her gray hairs. He has prayed words of covenant blessing on babies, from the oldest nephew, to the youngest niece, and asked us all, the questions that bound us to the local body.

She is the one who served Millie and I tea nearly every week, over the past few months  - our tradition that held us dearer even as we knew they were going. It’s a lot like all relationships should be, I suppose…holding people close, even though you know it will hurt more to lose them.

And truly –the loss is softened by fond memories…how much better it is, than regret. We’ve had our days, been given the blessing, and received the exact number of gifts meant for this season.

There is always this beautiful truth under all sorrow: in everything, we have much to be thankful for. To think it is only, like he prayed, the tip of the ice-berg, and someday we will be together, perfect in Christ. All this that we cherish, without the scent of this world. A thousand fold better.

So we surrender our tears to the King of all things, bitter or sweet.

At the end of his final service - as the last words of a final benediction break off husky with great love – we stand stunned. But the words hang there…and peace be with you. Someone takes heart and says – amen. Our hearts echo. So be it.

And peace indeed, there will be.


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Gone Fishin'

We spent an afternoon fishing this weekend, and ever since, I’ve been trying to come up with something blog-worthy about it. You know, the pseudo-spiritual analogy that ties in and around some sort of anecdote.

I feel it should be easy. Fishing is so gentle and reflective, surely there is something pithy to be said about it.


 Life is like fishing: No matter how patiently you wait, sometimes you’re just waiting for the wrong thing, something that just ain’t never gonna bite.

Too depressing? How about -

Life is like fishing: The people who stick with you through the tangles, and snags and caught trees, are the people who make it worth living.


Life is like fishing. It’s not about what you accomplish...

but who you accomplish it with.

Perhaps all of the above? =)


Wednesday, 6 June 2012


May was the month of busy - the month where we played city mouse, country mouse.

Like this:


and back again...

But May is gone, and now we're six days into June. And it's time to jump into summer with both feet, because three months are short, and life is for living, this very day.