Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What Liv Learned this July 2013

1. Vacation is really really nice. Especially when it looks like this.


Of course there is always this.




But that’s another story.


2. I also recently learned how to spell vacation, compliments of my younger sister. Not vaccation or vacattion, apparently. Huh.


3. I know, I KNOW that nothing technological is evil in and of itself. But surely Youtube must come close?

At least I came across this the other  day (you know, so that hour or three wasn’t a complete waste.)



I’m so glad there are people out there who can laugh at other people without apology.


4. When you’re up to your elbows in plants and freezies and other summer stuff, a rainy day in July can be kind of nice. The perfect excuse for black and white movies and eating chicken tacos on the couch.


5. In July, I also uncovered the first conspiracy theory I can really believe in. During the annual church garden party we host at our house, I think someone stole my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Oh the scandal!


6. You know how people scoff at the fear of a mouse running up your pant leg? Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but this actually happens. Ask a girl named Melissa.


For the record, she was really brave.


7. I learned that Kings Landing will always be my favourite place to get sweaty, dishevelled and footsore. It is worth it every time. You should go!





8. I also learned that just when you think a trip can’t get better – a live performance will blow you awaaay. The emotion, the singing and guys, there is an orchestra in the orchestra pit!! If you are ever near Charlottetown, no – if you are ever in the Maritimes you have to see Anne of Green Gables – The Musical. You really do.



9. I learned that yes. Sometimes God answers prayers yes. And for this, you cannot give thanks enough.


10. Finally, it was revealed to me in a dream that perhaps my love of food can go too far.

You see, there was Jamie Oliver’s sous chef, right there in his industrial kitchen, and he had a British accent and would wink at me when he made a joke. And just as I was starting to fall in love, he served me eggnog and these cookies with white chocolate in them. And that was the head over heels part.


Oh dear.


What have you learned this month?


Saturday, 27 July 2013

What Millie Learned in July 2013

1. After eight years of shaving my legs, I apparently still have difficulties remembering to handle a new razor with care.

2. Good thing I now know how to stop arterial bleeding after taking an emergency first aid course. I'll be prepared for the next new razor.

3. Simulated accidents as a learning tool don't work very well, for me. I get too caught up in the back history to poor "John's" fainting spell. (And how his wife has very beautiful hair.)

4. It's hard to invest in people and then say goodbye. But, it's worth it.

5. Driving a go-cart extremely fast across the lawn earns a great deal of respect from six year old boys.

6. When you're vacationing at the ocean and taking a walk along the rocky shore, try not to fall and skin your knee. It's very un-picturesque, especially when done right in front of a couple trying to romantically look out on the sea.

7. Going to a three day youth event is a good place to study the psychology of groups and also to make good friends and have wonderful, encouraging conversations.

8. Never judge too hastily.

9. It is more difficult than you would think to find a beach in Prince Edward Island.

10. When singing to a group of elderly ladies, you will earn their love forever if you sing "In the Garden."

11. Waffles with whipped cream and fresh cherries are a divine combination.

Love to all,

Photo Challenge Week 29: Light


Thursday, 25 July 2013



Do you know how much I notice and how little I take for granted? I think you might understand, because after all, we are different branches on the exact same tree.


Yes. I know it when I see it.






It’s you with the prettiest smile after every bad joke I crack.


 It’s you who let us mess up your kitchen and then eat off your coffee table spread ceremonially with a towel.


It’s you who sends me quotes on loose leaf. No stamp expense spared.




It’s you; the one who finds me blue and white at yard sales and brings them on a Saturday that isn’t my birthday or Christmas.


It’s you – who walks in the pouring rain one Sunday afternoon and we don’t even care that our mascara is heading chin way.




You’re the one who writes twelve page letters. And remember that time we were putting on lipstick and sunhats, dancing around to a Redneck soundtrack?


And you’re the one who lets me crawl into bed some mornings. And you let me cry. And you are my strength in numbers.


And then there are the six of you. Who else could I sit with on the hotel floor and together, demolish a roast chicken  in ten minutes flat? I don’t even know.




Maybe you think I’ll forget the kind words, the prayers, and the laughter. Oh man – the laughter!


But that’s beyond me. I wouldn’t even try to forget because it’s part of something outside of me. It’s the tree we’re part of -  and not only the tree - the root.


Because I know this too. You are the ones who stand on Truth. Who stand for Truth. And you will fight for beauty and goodness and grace in a world that wants to spit us right back out.


Don’t think I don’t cherish you, because beyond the memories and the things we find in common, there is Christ. And that root that ties us together, won’t be letting any of us go.




His Kingdom work.


And do you know how much sweeter He has made it, by giving me you?




Saturday, 20 July 2013

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The stairs always creak a little louder than I remember.


And there is always that smell that hits you when you walk in the door. A museum. This house kind of smells like a museum.


The heat is bottled up tight in every room and outside?...The tomatoes are actually, truly, and quite literally as high as my ear lobe. The raspberries are starting to ripen red!


You know how you walk through and look at the beds made and no dishes in the sink, and you think - who lives here?


Oh yeah. I live here. Here is home.


That sounds kind of nice.


You go away for a rest. And we went away to look with new eyes, and be inspired and love a little wider.


And we did all that, big time. Definitely big time.


But coming home is just...coming home.


There's nothing quite like it.


Except maybe a plain platitude or two.


Mmm. Home sweet home. Yes. There is nothing quite like it.




Wishing you all great vacations this summer!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Photo Challenge Week 25 & 26

Week 25: Sunset


Week 26: Mail



Friday, 5 July 2013

June lessons...

1. My children are not yet ready for tent camping...at least not where sleep is involved!

2. The black flies love my 1 years old's eyes. Poor Baby! (I don't think I got the swollen shut eye picture...she's a third child =S)

3. Daddy-long-legs freak out my oldest but she'll hold a snake by the tail.

4. Weeds grow despite unfavourable June weather...not everything that I actually planted is quite so cooperative.

5. It's fun to garden on a warm rainy day...not so much in a chilling drizzle.

6.  My garden still isn't big enough for all the things I want to grow but seems too big to keep up with the weeds sometimes!

7. My 1 year old is a puddle jumper! 

*insert picture of a very wet, very muddy, very happy, not-so-much-baby-any-more baby here*

8. Rainy days are good for quick projects and when a little rummaging  will produce everything you need...Voila!

*insert picture of my over sized measuring stick here*

9. I'm terrible at this blogging business.

10. As I struggle along at being a wife/mother/homemaker I don't rest in my own capability because the reality is I'm not good at this calling of mine, I can only rest in a God who will give me whatever I need to do what he has called me to do including, and most importantly, immeasurable grace to cover my failures.

And because I can't find the cord for my camera at this moment and it is already July 5 I'll have to bore you with a picture-less post.

Monday, 1 July 2013

What Liv Learned in June

1. I can finally do a ballerina bun.

And there is a picture to prove it.

Tutorial here. http://www.merricksart.com/2013/04/giant-fluffy-bun-tutorial.html

2. As a consequence of the ridiculous hair teasing going on, I've been spotting split ends. Which leads to realizing that I hate split ends.


3. Deep hair conditioning. So far I've tried a olive oil/ honey mixture and plain coconut oil. Then I get to wear a Sobeys bag tied around my head for thirty minutes and lick the flavoured water that occasionally drips down my face. What fun.

4. I also learned that sewing for men is a different kettle of fish than anything I've yet faced in the craft room. Hm. I'm not sure whether I'm ready for more than pajama pants.

5. Shellfish is A. Not as scary as it looks. B. Not as gross.

6. That New Brunswick has some of the prettiest woods and water in the whole world.

7. Indoor s'mores will do, in a rainy day pinch.

8. And finally, that writing is usually a case of sitting and typing out one silly sounding word at a time, rather than sitting and waiting for that perfect start.

9. Oh yeah. And I learned that June only has 30 days. Oops. Hello July!