Friday, 5 July 2013

June lessons...

1. My children are not yet ready for tent least not where sleep is involved!

2. The black flies love my 1 years old's eyes. Poor Baby! (I don't think I got the swollen shut eye picture...she's a third child =S)

3. Daddy-long-legs freak out my oldest but she'll hold a snake by the tail.

4. Weeds grow despite unfavourable June weather...not everything that I actually planted is quite so cooperative.

5. It's fun to garden on a warm rainy day...not so much in a chilling drizzle.

6.  My garden still isn't big enough for all the things I want to grow but seems too big to keep up with the weeds sometimes!

7. My 1 year old is a puddle jumper! 

*insert picture of a very wet, very muddy, very happy, not-so-much-baby-any-more baby here*

8. Rainy days are good for quick projects and when a little rummaging  will produce everything you need...Voila!

*insert picture of my over sized measuring stick here*

9. I'm terrible at this blogging business.

10. As I struggle along at being a wife/mother/homemaker I don't rest in my own capability because the reality is I'm not good at this calling of mine, I can only rest in a God who will give me whatever I need to do what he has called me to do including, and most importantly, immeasurable grace to cover my failures.

And because I can't find the cord for my camera at this moment and it is already July 5 I'll have to bore you with a picture-less post.


  1. Why is it that bugs seem to love the babies? My poor little one is always spotted too. Too sweet and juicy, I suppose...
    You're brave to try tent camping...will you try again, or have you had enough for now?

  2. Phoo to the pictures. I like the post!

  3. Great point at #10. I completely agree. Though, I'd rather do this mother/homemaker job than any other I can think of.
    I really wanted to go camping, but kevin won't take us. He says the girls are too little. Guess he's right.

  4. I totally agree on #1 I want to go, but think that I'll have to wait a year or 6.