Saturday, 29 December 2012


I'm guessing that we are not the only people who feel like the month of December rushed past them, with a life of its own. 

It was beautiful.

It was blessed.


 But it was very, very busy.


The week after Christmas is always a lovely lull - full of resolution making and peppermint tea.

And I would guess again, in saying that on the top of every New Year list around here, is - Blog More!

 Right guys?

Have a Happy New Year! And I promise we'll be back soon.


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rules for Girls to Live By

1. Wear hats.

2. Don't always adopt the latest fashions.

3. Read good books. Always. Often.

4. Girls always look pretty in dresses.

5. Endeavour to find the beautiful in everything.

6. Have good manners. 

7. Learn how to cook.

8. Be a good friend to those you love and to those who make it hard.

9. Have self-control in all things.

10. Be a girl who creates beauty wherever she goes.

11. On your nineteenth birthday, invite nine girls to your house, ages seven to two for a tea party. You will be richly blessed.

- Millie

Thursday, 8 November 2012

It's that time of year already...

when I run up and downstairs looking for my winter boots...

...when Dad cleans off the car with a purple broom  from  the playhouse...

...when grubby snowmen sit on bright green grass...

It's the first snow!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012


When it comes to kittens, pictures are better than words. Every time.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

October Baking

There is no good reason to be grumpy in the Fall. Or Summer or Spring. Or Winter.


But sometimes it happens.

That's when you have to get in the kitchen and bake.


Bake the seasons with cinnamon and butter and pumpkin and sugar.

Lots of sugar.



Baking makes things alright again. One shake, stir and measure at a time, you see the small stuff.


The pretty dishes.

The little girl who stopped by to help stir.

Browned butter.

Always, the browned butter!

And that's just a start.


Here are some recipes I've been trying this season. 

What have you been making this Fall? :)


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Story

Once upon a time, we (that means a mom, a dad and two girls), went to a place called Musquodoboit.  In that place there is a river and red leaves, and little signs clustered at intervals along the road.

We stayed the night there, at a bed and breakfast where the man gave complimentary walking sticks to his guests and the lady's earrings danced when she smiled.


The next day was sunny, and while two of us (the mom and dad) took care of business - the other two explored.


We found a bookstore in someone's backyard and a man who told us about the road where three groups of the Young family live. The HeadYoungs (because they live at the start of the road),  the EndYoungs, because they live at the end, and the NoneYoungs. "The what?" The NoneYoungs. Because they are easily recognised by their lack of neck. They have none. So the None Youngs they shall be.

We found a lobster shack where we bought fish and chips at 11:15 in the morning. We found a bakery where we got hot chocolate, turnovers and cookies. And then we found the beach - at the end of a twisty, long road.


It was windy and cold, but we found some rocks and ate hearty.


It was all OK, because we had cookies....

...and this to look at.

We did not happen to be swept into the ocean, rescued by the surfers in wet suits and discover them  to be our Prince Charmings.

But I think this story is still a good one, and it deserves the ending - they all lived happily ever after.




Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Season of Bounty

From the boy with a pumpkin seed on his head, to cabbages, to grape stains - our cups are overflowing.

It seems I can never be too mindful of the bounty of heart and good things. What can I do, but everyday, to breath it in and breath out thanks?