Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Coming Home

Some vacations are for seeing and some are for tasting. I think, if I could choose a word, I would say that this one was for talking.


Talking on the road, talking on the beach, on the couch…after dark. Especially after dark…


….and when you get home, you realize what this vacation meant for you.

So you could smell the air a little deeper. Inspect the garden with greater joy. Taste the tap water, and hug the home faces, and remember the creaks in your floor.















It is a testament to the best of friends when their talking sends you back with new eyes for seeing. And vacations are for renewing, and this time…for coming home.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Making New Normals

Day 1 in the morning: The power being out was annoying.

Day 1 by bedtime: I was resigned to hurricanes being a tolerable way to spend my Saturday. Candles are always fun, after all.

Day 2: No power was more confusing than anything, and I developed an insatiable thirst (of course). I started making a list of electrical things I was thankful for.

Day 3: I stopped reaching for the light switch constantly. Nor did we bat an eyelash when serving peanut butter and bread to company.

And by the time our power came on in the evening of Day 4, I was almost gripped with some bittersweet thoughts. The list had somehow morphed in my mind, and had become an account of happy things from four days without power.

For starters...1. SO. Much. Sleep.

2. BBQ food around the clock.

3. No more excuses for avoiding the weedy garden.

4. Taking soap and towel down to the river afterwards.

5. Remembering to use the clothes line more often.

6. Slowing down, because you can't run up the stairs with a candle.

7. Room temperature water is better for you.

8. The house is entirely quiet in the morning.

9. This. (Makes me chuckle.)
10. And our fridge and a couple freezers look really clean now.
Which is well and good. Although really...electricity has its pro points too. Flushing toilets with the pull of a lever?
Pretty fancy.