Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Coming Home

Some vacations are for seeing and some are for tasting. I think, if I could choose a word, I would say that this one was for talking.


Talking on the road, talking on the beach, on the couch…after dark. Especially after dark…


….and when you get home, you realize what this vacation meant for you.

So you could smell the air a little deeper. Inspect the garden with greater joy. Taste the tap water, and hug the home faces, and remember the creaks in your floor.















It is a testament to the best of friends when their talking sends you back with new eyes for seeing. And vacations are for renewing, and this time…for coming home.



  1. I am happy to learn that your adventure West went well... and that you are thankful to be HomeSafe... where...
    ... the air is scented with things familiar...
    ... the water really does taste better than most other places...
    ... the garden is enriched with your blood, sweat and tears...
    ... the hugs are genuine and unconditional... and
    ... the creaks in the floor are like the whispered "ILoveYou's" of old friends.

    May your recollection of "after-dark" conversations be a sweet source of comfort and counsel ...as you give yourself to the work at hand.

    We all hunger for more than this world can offer us... and know, deep down, that all the best things of this creation must be shadows cast by a greater reality... untouched by sin... where perfect joy and unmingled gladness prevail... and...
    thither, by grace, are we bound.
    That will be our GreatHomeComing!

    May He who knows you better than any... and loves you best of all satisfy you with Himself and give you your hearts desire.

    Welcome Home.

  2. True words, Mr D.! Thank you for commenting with such love. Looking forward to your next visit!