Thursday, 25 October 2012

October Baking

There is no good reason to be grumpy in the Fall. Or Summer or Spring. Or Winter.


But sometimes it happens.

That's when you have to get in the kitchen and bake.


Bake the seasons with cinnamon and butter and pumpkin and sugar.

Lots of sugar.



Baking makes things alright again. One shake, stir and measure at a time, you see the small stuff.


The pretty dishes.

The little girl who stopped by to help stir.

Browned butter.

Always, the browned butter!

And that's just a start.


Here are some recipes I've been trying this season. 

What have you been making this Fall? :)



  1. I wish I could stop by to help eat!

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  3. Nothing. I don't bake. I'm doing lots of crafts though...

  4. @ Margaret: We wish you could stop by too!
    @Kate: I'm hoping to have craft morning at my house soon...maybe you could come and show me what you've been making!