Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What Liv Learned this July 2013

1. Vacation is really really nice. Especially when it looks like this.


Of course there is always this.




But that’s another story.


2. I also recently learned how to spell vacation, compliments of my younger sister. Not vaccation or vacattion, apparently. Huh.


3. I know, I KNOW that nothing technological is evil in and of itself. But surely Youtube must come close?

At least I came across this the other  day (you know, so that hour or three wasn’t a complete waste.)



I’m so glad there are people out there who can laugh at other people without apology.


4. When you’re up to your elbows in plants and freezies and other summer stuff, a rainy day in July can be kind of nice. The perfect excuse for black and white movies and eating chicken tacos on the couch.


5. In July, I also uncovered the first conspiracy theory I can really believe in. During the annual church garden party we host at our house, I think someone stole my Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. Oh the scandal!


6. You know how people scoff at the fear of a mouse running up your pant leg? Well, I hate to break it to everyone, but this actually happens. Ask a girl named Melissa.


For the record, she was really brave.


7. I learned that Kings Landing will always be my favourite place to get sweaty, dishevelled and footsore. It is worth it every time. You should go!





8. I also learned that just when you think a trip can’t get better – a live performance will blow you awaaay. The emotion, the singing and guys, there is an orchestra in the orchestra pit!! If you are ever near Charlottetown, no – if you are ever in the Maritimes you have to see Anne of Green Gables – The Musical. You really do.



9. I learned that yes. Sometimes God answers prayers yes. And for this, you cannot give thanks enough.


10. Finally, it was revealed to me in a dream that perhaps my love of food can go too far.

You see, there was Jamie Oliver’s sous chef, right there in his industrial kitchen, and he had a British accent and would wink at me when he made a joke. And just as I was starting to fall in love, he served me eggnog and these cookies with white chocolate in them. And that was the head over heels part.


Oh dear.


What have you learned this month?



  1. You're really funny and I like you.

  2. You loaned me the Smitten Kitchen book. :) I read it and was going to return it Sunday but I forgot. :) Sorry. I'll try to remember it Sunday. :)

  3. Ahaha! I'm such a silly! I knew you were looking at it, Wendy, but I thought you put it back on the shelf. Mystery solved! You can keep it as long as you like. :)

    I like you guys too. Quite a bit, actually.

  4. Ooh, I learned all that one July, too. Many moons ago.
    Wasn't the Anne play amazing!? Next year you should try the Anne and Gilbert show.

  5. Surely it can't compare to my grade nine debut as Mrs. Blewett. :)

  6. @Dinah: We definitely want to see the Anne and Gilbert, next!
    @Margaret: Probably not! :)