Thursday, 25 July 2013



Do you know how much I notice and how little I take for granted? I think you might understand, because after all, we are different branches on the exact same tree.


Yes. I know it when I see it.






It’s you with the prettiest smile after every bad joke I crack.


 It’s you who let us mess up your kitchen and then eat off your coffee table spread ceremonially with a towel.


It’s you who sends me quotes on loose leaf. No stamp expense spared.




It’s you; the one who finds me blue and white at yard sales and brings them on a Saturday that isn’t my birthday or Christmas.


It’s you – who walks in the pouring rain one Sunday afternoon and we don’t even care that our mascara is heading chin way.




You’re the one who writes twelve page letters. And remember that time we were putting on lipstick and sunhats, dancing around to a Redneck soundtrack?


And you’re the one who lets me crawl into bed some mornings. And you let me cry. And you are my strength in numbers.


And then there are the six of you. Who else could I sit with on the hotel floor and together, demolish a roast chicken  in ten minutes flat? I don’t even know.




Maybe you think I’ll forget the kind words, the prayers, and the laughter. Oh man – the laughter!


But that’s beyond me. I wouldn’t even try to forget because it’s part of something outside of me. It’s the tree we’re part of -  and not only the tree - the root.


Because I know this too. You are the ones who stand on Truth. Who stand for Truth. And you will fight for beauty and goodness and grace in a world that wants to spit us right back out.


Don’t think I don’t cherish you, because beyond the memories and the things we find in common, there is Christ. And that root that ties us together, won’t be letting any of us go.




His Kingdom work.


And do you know how much sweeter He has made it, by giving me you?





  1. This is quite beautiful! :) A bit rambly, but beautiful, nonetheless. Sounds like a tribute to your sisters and/or friends. What is it, exactly? :)

  2. I found myself! This is such a beautiful post, and it is a good reminder that we always have something in common with our fellow believers.

  3. Kindred spirits are so much better than the Anne of Green Gables variety when they have the same Lord as you do!

  4. Beautifully written, Liv! And don't forget how we cherish you, who have such a gift for expressing simple truths in a lovely way.

  5. @Belle: For sisters and friends both!

    Thank you for your kind words, ladies!