Saturday, 27 July 2013

What Millie Learned in July 2013

1. After eight years of shaving my legs, I apparently still have difficulties remembering to handle a new razor with care.

2. Good thing I now know how to stop arterial bleeding after taking an emergency first aid course. I'll be prepared for the next new razor.

3. Simulated accidents as a learning tool don't work very well, for me. I get too caught up in the back history to poor "John's" fainting spell. (And how his wife has very beautiful hair.)

4. It's hard to invest in people and then say goodbye. But, it's worth it.

5. Driving a go-cart extremely fast across the lawn earns a great deal of respect from six year old boys.

6. When you're vacationing at the ocean and taking a walk along the rocky shore, try not to fall and skin your knee. It's very un-picturesque, especially when done right in front of a couple trying to romantically look out on the sea.

7. Going to a three day youth event is a good place to study the psychology of groups and also to make good friends and have wonderful, encouraging conversations.

8. Never judge too hastily.

9. It is more difficult than you would think to find a beach in Prince Edward Island.

10. When singing to a group of elderly ladies, you will earn their love forever if you sing "In the Garden."

11. Waffles with whipped cream and fresh cherries are a divine combination.

Love to all,


  1. hehe, number 9 made me laugh out loud. Thanks Millie! Miss you guys already. Coming for peaches? :)

  2. @Lauren - Miss you all, too. Not yet sure if we're coming for peaches. I would love to, though!

    - Millie

  3. The first 3 of these! So applicable to my life! I feel a little closer to you now. ;)

  4. Aah... In the Garden.
    Kevin pretends to choose that one at supper just to bug me. He learned it at care home hymn sings. It must have been the Amazing Grace of 80 years ago.