Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The stairs always creak a little louder than I remember.


And there is always that smell that hits you when you walk in the door. A museum. This house kind of smells like a museum.


The heat is bottled up tight in every room and outside?...The tomatoes are actually, truly, and quite literally as high as my ear lobe. The raspberries are starting to ripen red!


You know how you walk through and look at the beds made and no dishes in the sink, and you think - who lives here?


Oh yeah. I live here. Here is home.


That sounds kind of nice.


You go away for a rest. And we went away to look with new eyes, and be inspired and love a little wider.


And we did all that, big time. Definitely big time.


But coming home is just...coming home.


There's nothing quite like it.


Except maybe a plain platitude or two.


Mmm. Home sweet home. Yes. There is nothing quite like it.




Wishing you all great vacations this summer!


  1. Here's to going away, and coming home again.


  2. In a few hours I suppose I will have the same feeling. I am looking forward, but it was really great to spend time with you again!