Sunday, 7 September 2014

Fresh Air

I have to admit, I'm not a natural outdoorswoman. I am too frightened of snakes, probably.

But sometimes, Millie undertakes to teach me the skill of observance in nature. She practices the Charlotte Mason approach on me, as the closest thing to a toddler she has at hand.

At first (and still) I mostly excel at noticing trash. I think my voice shrilling through the woods is also a general deterrent to wildlife. However, I am getting better and holding a camera helps.
And just to be sure my new found skills stick, we plan to make the most of these trails, this Fall.
You should come with us, sometime!
I almost impaled myself trying to beat the timer.




  1. This was hilarious! And I will definitely walk with you in October.

  2. Such lovely photos, Olivia! And I'm very glad you didn't impale yourself!!

  3. "closest thing to a toddler" I laughed out loud.
    We found some really cool Jack in the Pulpit berries this fall and they were the most amazing things. They were so bright they were almost neon.