Friday, 23 January 2015

If You Listen

Waiting in the car with children is a rare privilege. Forced to sit with the small people, who are strapped down and always a hair's breadth away from melt down, you really have to give it everything.

You sing songs.

E; "Can we please sing that song about Tinkerbells around God's throne?"

"Do I know that one?"

E: "Yes! Pastor Cowan was talking about it at church!"

You tell stories. Which of course, revolve around fairies and a prince. Every. Time.

"So once there was a sad girl who worked at Sobeys. One day, she was sorting cucumbers and she heard a voice...."

E: "She turned around and saw her prince. Eating grapes."

You talk about books.

"Isn't one of the witches good, and one of them bad or something?"

T: "Witches!"

"And what does Dorothy do to the bad one?"

T: "Witches!"

"Were they scary?"

T: "Yeah. Witches!"

And of course we eat candy.

T: "Lollipop."

And the way she says it is cute enough to carry us all the way home.



  1. This is too funny. And a good reminder that being with children is a privilege. Thank you, Olivia!