Monday, 26 September 2011

The Collection Game

I have a philosophy that says everyone needs a Collection. An obsessive, irrational and embarrassing attraction to one thing…plastic containers, wreaths, tea cups…you get the idea.

I confess to embracing this philosophy frequently *cough cough* and often find myself coming away from a store with certain things clutched in hand. Vases. Blue and white china. Old-fashioned tins. Milk glass. Antique quilts.

Oh yes…it’s bad.

There are of course, rules to the Collection game. Two, to be precise.

The first is that a collection can’t be too useful. The more decorative the better, the type of thing that is for beauty’s sake alone. It’s just cheating to collect pots and pans – except of course if they are rusty, antique or otherwise impractical.

The second rule is that it isn’t a true collection until you spend money on it. Dust balls under the bed or birthday cards you’ve been given don’t count! Having a collection is all about your heart skipping a beat at the yard sale/antique store/thrift shop, and clasping a find to your chest, money no object. You have to invest in these collections, guys. It’s all part of the game.

you have a Mom who knows you better than you do yourself and finds amazing things as gifts. But that is the exception to the rule and I tell you in extreme confidence! Mum’s the word.



  1. Yes! Your list of collections is awesome! I love this :) Do virtual collections count? Cause I love my "clock collection" check it! Maybe someday I'll have it in real life!

  2. Cherries. *ahem* I have to confess that I don't give into my irrational urges often enough. I generally talk myself out of such purchases. I need to indulge.