Monday, 19 September 2011

Here I Am!

So I guess it's my turn now...

I'm quiet. I'd also have to say that of the four of us I have the least amount of writing skill. I get an idea to write about, sit down to write a post, get a few lines down then crumple it up and chuck it so to speak. So we have yet to see if I can hold my own on this blog...

I'm on here because I like real life honesty. The kind that says I am weak but He is strong, look at His glory through me because I fall everyday but His grace is sufficient. It is true that I am tempted to want people to think I have it all together. I'd rather we all read someone else's blog about their “real life”. It's hard to be transparent, leaving oneself vulnerable to the criticism of others but I know I prefer someone who can say, “you know what, I have a hard time with this” rather than try to make me believe they are next to perfect.

And as much as I dislike the picture perfect that often gets portrayed on blogs I do like the way they help you name your blessings. We often miss the “little” things in life because we aren't looking for them but beauty and blessing are hidden in the hardest of days if we would just look for it and stop taking it for granted. Thankfulness for the seemingly small things that God has blessed us with (like pie...some days;) can do wonders for our perspective on life and if they are our focus it is easier to avoid the temptation to be discontent.

This is a journey. I have days that I'm annoyed with my husband, that I'm impatient with my kids. Days when I forget all I have to be thankful for. When I miss the blessing of doing the dishes and scrubbing the floor AGAIN because it just doesn't seem like that meaningful a task. It's a journey of laying down self and pouring myself out for others because Christ did no less for me.

How's that? Is that gut spilling enough for now? :) I think my next post should be a little fluffier...a pie recipe perhaps...


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