Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lies They Tell Us Part III: I need [insert coveted item here] so I can be more hospitable.

 My post isn't a long one today and to be honest it isn't about a lie someone else tells us.  It's a lie I've told myself.  Six years ago, living in our little town house I used to dream of our big farmhouse in the country where we could entertain and welcome friends and family into our home.
  We have spent the last 5 years renovating that big farmhouse in the country and it continues to be a work in progress.  A few weeks ago I caught myself thinking, "If we could build onto the house and have a bigger laundry room and then when we have people over...."  And then I thought about how many times I had coveted a nicer dishwasher, a bigger dining space, a new couch, a bigger pantry, a nicer floor...and justified such thoughts with the idea that with such things, I could show better hospitality.  Hospitality is biblical right?
  Sure...but what about always coveting nicer and better and bigger, and justifying it by telling myself that I could be so much more hospitable if I had these things?
  Is it wrong to upgrade your couch if it's ratty, or make a bigger laundry room?  Is it wrong to enjoy a "perfect home"? Absolutely not, but be honest with yourself about your motives.  Hospitality is not about impressing people with the size of your kitchen, or the colour of your walls.  Hospitality is about showing Christ's love and mercy to those around us.
  If you want a prettier light fixture, fine...but be honest with really just want a prettier light fixture.



  1. Abi, this is something I struggle with often. I have been feeling that I need to open our home more often, but I feel crippled by the fact that it is too small, our table only fits three comfortably and everything is everywhere because there is just no room for a living/office/play room/piano in one tiny main room. Thanks for reminding me that it is about the heart of opening up and showing love to people. Now I need to figure out how to practically apply this one...

  2. Your home is like a second home to us. You always make us feel welcome!

  3. This made me remember your hospitality to my sisters and I. I know your house wasn't finished, but I just can't remember *what* wasn't finished! All I remember is a good time and chocolates on the pillows. I'll never forget those chocolates... talk about showing Christ's love in a big way... mmhmmm!

  4. You are a very gifted person. You continue to bless everyone. It is a beautiful reminder of where our hearts are to be. " )