Thursday, 17 November 2011

Middle Aged Love

I saw them at Marden's while waiting in the car for Olivia to buy her Hilroy scribbler, and stop perusing the book section.

They pulled up beside me in a small, forest green car. The words of the woman, as she climbed out of the passenger seat, caught my attention immediately.

"You're going to buy me a locket? That's awesome!"

They weren't glamorous and young. They weren't old and cute. They were middleaged.

She was wearing stretch pants and a windbreaker. His teeth were brown and crooked. But, when a cheesy smile broke out all over his face, I could see why she fell for him.

She said again, "You're going to buy me a locket? That's awesome!" He grinned again and locked the car doors.

Then, they set off across the parking lot. The woman reached out her hand and grabbed his. Their fingers interlocked and their arms swung back and forth.

Then, just as they reached the store's entrance, she leaned forward and gave him a swift peck on the mouth. And my heart melted.

Forget the fact that he was buying her a locket at Marden's. She didn't seem to care about his cheap choice of stores. He was buying her something. Not practical. Not sensible. He was buying her something pretty, cheesy, and just plain frivolous. Because he can. And because he's in middleaged love.

- from the usually nonsentimental Millie

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