Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Real Life Cooking in 9 Simple steps. here's the thing.  Life doesn't follow a recipe and neither should you. Whatever that means.  Here are 8 simple steps to creating supper without a recipe.  Obviously you shouldn't follow every step EXACTLY the same everytime, or you will have very bored tastebuds.  It's the principle of the thing.

Step 1:  Put a little oil and butter in a dutch oven.  Coat some beef in flour (insert other meats here) and sear it.

Step 2: While you're searing your meat, chop some onions and smash some garlic.  I'm pretty sure everything I make has onions and garlic in it.  They make food taste that much better.  It's the truth.

Step 3:  Pick up unhappy baby. Wipe up blip mess...make his world happy again.

Step 4: Take meat out of pot and throw the onions and garlic into those yummy juices.  Saute a bit.

Step 5: Chop a few veggies.  I used diced portobello mushrooms and whole button mushrooms for tonights special.  Throw 'em in the pot.  Stir them around nicely.

Step 6:  Add some broth say a cup or so. I added veggie, but beef probably would have been lovely.  If you're using chicken, go for chicken.  Add a little extra water too, maybe half a cup.  And add a little something else, too.

Step 7: Throw the meat and any juices in the bottom of the bowl, into the pot.  Add some salt and pepper and perhaps some sage and basil.  Whatever spices are moving you at the moment.  Let that bubble away for a while, until it looks ready.

Step 8:  Mix up a little flour and water (not too crazy much...just a bit) and stir it in your pot to thicken the juice up nicely.

Step 9:  Serve over buttered noodles or rice...or just eat it straight out of the pot.

My crowd can be hard to please sometimes, but this generally does the trick for them.  I guess I should have added a Step 10. Step 10:  Eat it all up. Bon Appetit!


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  1. Love that Caiah is eating his food!!! He just wanted some spice!! LOL