Friday, 9 December 2011

When it comes to sewing clothes I usually defer to Aimee. Everyone has their talent, and I've always seen mine as anywhere but a close proximity to that terrifying pattern paper. Seriously, it tears if you breath on it the wrong way.

Nope, I've never seen the advantage of the mental excercises a sewing pattern requires, and have always been happy to see Aimee whiz off skirts and baby clothes with nary a thought. (Or so it appears.)

But then I realized you can't buy some styles at the mall. At least, not just the way you want them.

Like these pants...

Aren't they the best?

I'm kind of digging the sweater too. Hehe.

So...after a few months of pining and looking in thrift stores I finally just took the plunge. I bought some fabric. I bought a pattern. I waited for a snowy day.

And then I sewed...

and sewed...

and sewed!  I even put in a zipper and waistband. No small feat, I can tell you!

It took me all afternoon and a few ripped seams, but at the end of it I'm glad to say I had a pair of pants. Voila!

And you know what? The best part of the whole thing is the ridiculous sense of empowerment I feel as I zip them up. It's mildy pathetic really, but whatever...I feel a whole new world open up and all those vintage things I've been loving seem within reach.

Maybe a Petticoat Junction dress next?

Or these pants!

In other words, I'm armed and dangerous. Stand back folks.



  1. I am so impressed!

    Can you come over and sew with me? :)

  2. Eek!! I love your Mary Tyler Moore Pants!! They look so good on you too!