Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Let them eat cake...and everything else.

ings"I can work for any kind of boss, but I only cook for people I really like."

I almost think it's true. No matter what you feel from meal time to meal time, doesn't it kind of boil down to that deep-running satisfaction of putting food in front of people you like?

It actually seems a lot like an act of love to me. And maybe I don't remember that enough.

Maybe I should share more...

...crack out the china and teacups...

...and go crazy wild on the good stuff.

The people you love might notice...or they might not. They might thank you ...but I wouldn't bank on it.

And that's not really what matters. It's for the sheer joy of loving. And so you can watch them lick their plates clean.

It's beautiful.


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