Saturday, 28 January 2012


We have a confession to make.

We really don't mind being thrifty.

In fact, sometimes the knowledge that you've used every last scrap can give satisfaction. Sometimes.

So, for those that share this secret shame - here's what we did last night.

We rummaged through our wardrobes and found some old t-shirts, cut them, sewed two simple lines and came up with a stylish new option. Sort of.

OK. On second thought, we decided to raid Dad's t-shirt drawer (with his permission of course) and gave things a second chance.

Like this:

Of course, when you use your Dad's shirts, you're bound to come up with an interesting look.

Not that we have anything against the Red Sox.

Not satisfied by our already frugal efforts, one of us thought we should come up with a use for the t-shirt arms we had cut off.

Yes, you guessed it. Just throw one on your head and out the door you go.

But our creative juices were flowing freely now, and practically unstoppable. We cut circles and with glue guns, made these:


And we have to say, that for Dad's old t-shirts, these are pretty versatile. You can wear them like this...

or this...

And the best news is yet to come. It took us about an hour and a half to make three shirts each. No joke. Check it out at, under Tee to Tank Tutorial.

Have fun!

~Olivia and Millie

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