Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Of melting snow and coming Baby...

     I know, I know...it's pathetic to be named as a blogger here and so rarely show myself. Well I've been "busy" as we all like to say. Honestly, this winter has really flown by...and not because I enjoy winter. I actually really disliked it this year, the cold just didn't suite. But here it is the middle of March and although I'm sure spring isn't here for good yet we are getting some AMAZING weather (21 degrees yesterday and the next few days are looking as good or better!)

And with time flying this pregnancy has gone with it. Less than 6 weeks to go already!

 34 weeks

     Abi took some maternity photos last week and I think that might have got me realizing I haven't got much time left to "get ready". Because nothing is ready. I've been distracted with the work on the house and maybe thinking this will all be done and then I will clean and organize and do baby prep. I know there isn't a huge amount of things that HAVE to been done beforehand but I should probably think about acquiring the cloth diapers I plan on using soon. I did go on kijiji Saturday and bought a car seat so at the very least I will be able to bring Baby home!

    To answer a "most frequently asked" question, no, we don't know what we're having. I'm so excited to see, my "instincts" aren't very strong. People also ask what we're hoping for. I think many assume we are "trying for a boy", but really whatever Baby is will be perfect. A little boy would be great but how special would it be to have three little girls! And no, we don't have names settled on either which worries me too. I had hope to have that more or less decided by the time Baby came instead of deciding after like we have always done. Not that I regret the names we choose, I just think I would be happier deciding before the pressure is on...

     So we are looking forward to the completion of house, drier mud =) and arrival of Baby!


  1. Would you like to borrow the small size diapers that I have again? I also have Motherease (I think one-size) ones that I'm not using right now. Wendy

  2. I have 16 newborn diapers and 3 covers as well that you can borrow if you want. :)