Monday, 9 April 2012


Monday is usually the hard day. But today seems a bit different.

Easter is over, but it would seem that the very nature of it means this is just the beginning - just the first looking at the world with new eyes.

I think we all heard it yesterday – He is risen. He is risen indeed. And with that comes the ever pulsing purpose to our life. We live because He lives. We hope because He reigns. We love because He loved us first. This is Truth. We bear with each other because he bore our sins.

But does this get strangled out some days with the pull of this world on our eyes? I feel it deep when I find my worries trying to drag me from the freedom. When I exchange the walking slow and quiet with Him with the fast-pace of this world. When I forget what a gift this life, this breath, this second is. Not that we have it in the first place, but because it is redeemed…that we walk redeemed sinners. This is Grace.

How do I live this redeemed life? Sometimes…sometimes, you feel like every day is the battle, and you are only given enough to eke by on. But what does this Monday after Easter mean…is it pure joy? The full and fresh pouring of Christ on our dry souls. We have been given enough, and then far, far more. And victory is ours already, the blessing spoken on us. So be still my soul.

I need to be less afraid of taking encouragement and seeming na├»ve in my hope. It is this child-like faith with which He is well pleased. Perhaps I would feel the fullness of His presence and peace if I remembered the fullness of His Power, Kingship, Grace and Work. If I rested every moment…happy to be happy. Joyful and willing to be His joy.

Let me burst forth, praise the name of Christ, celebrate and lift Him up high. Don’t be afraid to celebrate, oh heart. If it is good, celebrate. If this imperfect life takes your breath away for a moment, celebrate. With the sinners you love and live with, celebrate.

For He alone, the Risen king - your king, is worthy to be praised.


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