Monday, 14 May 2012

A little update...

It's quiet, thank goodness for naptime! What a day...

First I should introduce Trinity Brianna. Born April 21st at 7lbs 1oz. At three weeks she is a healthy 9lbs 4oz!

As much as I love reading/hearing long, detailed birth stories I'm not so much into writing them. So if you aren't the type that is relieved to hear that then I'm sorry to disappoint. It was labour...probably the "best" one I've had but still labour. I'm not a believer in "calm, peaceful" labours, whoever believes in those has either never had a baby or is in the minority of women who get away with "easy" birthing! =) It may be "natural" but it has also been cursed. Don't get me wrong, I am a calm, peaceful labourer. At least I keep the nurses fooled, but that doesn't mean I'm not in ALOT of pain thinking "I don't ever want to do this again!". But it becomes a faded memory and we do it all again, don't we.

So life with three is, well, behind most days it seems. How on earth does one cook, clean, do laundry, personal and business bookwork, garden, etc,etc and be a mother to three under four?! Here is what Number Two looked like this morning (and this is already the second change of clothes).
Shortly after playing in the firepit she decided to eat some dogfood! I promise I was "right there" the whole time but I was putting clothes on the line and therefore had my back turn at intervals.

In the midst of  this whirlwind of life we are doing well. Loving these little ones is more important than a magazine clean house, right? But I do like order and neat and tidy so I'd better go get a little more done before it's time to think about supper...

~  Aimee

P.S. A special congratulation to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bond! I was sentimentally thinking of you Friday evening Megs, wish I could have been there. *hugs*


  1. Thanks, Aimee! I wish you could have been there, too. We just got back from Iceland last night!!! And now we have to pack to move to Calgary on Thursday. It's nice to hear an update about your life. I will keep in touch!

  2. I think I fall into the category of 'easy' birthing. :) Although I don't think its easy at the time. :)

    I found some wet bags on sale and ordered them Aimee. When they come in I'll give you one. I'm not sure what the colour will be though. Have a good week. W

  3. Love the picture. So cute and dir

  4. dirty* It was supposed to say dirty.