Thursday, 26 July 2012

There are no words to describe a cold in July.  Above and beyond the usual discomforts of nasal congestion, there is just the discombobulation of it being all wrong. Kleenex and swimsuits don't go together.  I mean, really.

The one upside of it, is that you have a heightened excuse to accumulate as many cold, icy things as your freezers can hold - all in the name of medicinal purposes.  And since it is summer - you can totally pull out the stops.

Long story short - the ice-cream  maker has practically been on my bedside table, along with lemon water and chapstick.

If  I wasn't morally oppossed to the phrase BFF - I might say we were it. In a non-animate object kind of way.

Another excellent investment the last little while, was my $2 popsicle mold. I used to wish and dream  about this thing, when I was little. How has it taken me so long to realize that  pops of any kind, are so easy?! A little yogurt, little maple syrup, little frozen fruit - maybe a banana - and you have something nice and cool.

Sometimes, they are a little challenged - but's life.


Those are the good things about a cold in the heat of summer.

And in case you are needing something sweet that will slip down your throat easy - here are some other things I've been trying.


Coffee Ice-Cream.
(A cherished and highly secret family recipe. I might share, if you say please.)

Aaaand Iced Coffee


Thing is - after the last few days,  wherein I thought the cold was slowly fading away into the distance, it appears the big, bad sore throat is back.

So. Back to the ole' frozen food drawing board.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Have you ever made a roasted fruit icecream? It sounds odd, but I've seen a couple versions on Pinterest. (By the way, the coffee icecream with coffee crisp on top looks amazing.)