Friday, 4 January 2013

Cutting Edge

Over the holidays, Dad brought out a stack of  old orange books to peruse. The do-it-yourself  research tools, before Pinterest.

And they are certainly useful little volumes. Among your average instructions for  children's toys, tool buying and gardening ideas - there were some sections devoted to technology.  They even offer helpful tips for fixing snarled cassette tapes. Eg; "The most common cassette problem is the jammed cassette whose tape won't move. But the cure is usually simple: Hold the cassette three or four feet above a hard surface and drop the cassette so that it lands flat. Do this several times, including at least once on each side."

In the 1985 edition, there is woodworking patterns for computer workstations and updates on New High Tech Products. Like a new way to "pack information onto the familiar 5 1/4 inch floppy disk", and a snappy ergonomic invention - the computer chair.


Best of all, however - we see the kind of handyman the 80's produced.


Drink it in. Not only does this fine specimen make his own Adirondack lawn furniture; but he has leisure to sit about and juggle in full tennis regalia, while his adoring lady friend looks on.


They don't make men like that anymore.