Thursday, 31 January 2013



Life with children puts a whole new spin on the way you think about yourself as God's child. Far from warm, fuzzy moments at times - it's a pull, a friction, a slow molding of our will to His.

In so many ways, the effort it takes to speak love and sweet fellowship with a child, makes me more mindful of God's good love to His heavenly children.

I'm a child. I'm disobedient. I'm loud and running wild somedays. I'm falling down and crying and testing Him instead of trusting.

And He loves me anyway.

It sounds hard and impossible when I say it that way. It seems impossiblewhen you look into the little defiant face of someone who needs grace and yet you're struggling to find it.

But He gives it anyway. To me - and I need to deep breath and give it to them.

An imperfect analogy, but Life right now.



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