Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What I've learned in the month of June

I'm kicking off our new "series" called "What I've learned in the month of..." by sharing with you 15 (I've limited myself. You're welcome!) things I have learned in the month of June.  May they inspire you to reflect on the things that you have learned this past month.


1.  Babies come when babies decide they are going to come, even when no one is expecting them quite so quickly.

2. I need to remember to pack a little homebirth kit  in my doula bag when I go to births.

3. I can deliver a baby!

4. Cucumber beetles are depressing.

5. Dr. Bronner's soap and water doesn't do any favours to your zucchini plants and doesn't really kill cucumber beetles either.

6. Squishing cucumber beetles isn't as bad as it sounds and it definitely kills them.

7. Homemade flubber is AWESOME.

8.  My 2 year old loves homemade flubber.

9. Homemade flubber doesn't love my 2 year old.

10. My 2 year old hates haircuts that involve homemade flubber.

 11. My 2 year old is cute no matter what his hair 
       looks like.

12. Homemade sorbet is delicious and even more so when eaten out of teeny delicate cones on a hot, muggy, summer day.

13.  Ordinary meals taste better when they are served in a pretty dish.

 14. Bubbles are awesome. 


  1. Recipe for homemade flubber should be included!!! :)
    Other than that... AWESOME! <3

  2. A very lovely picture of motherhood. :)

  3. Did you seriously deliver a baby? Wow, AWESOME (and I mean that in the non-flippant usage of that overused word.)! And, of course you can.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous picture with #15.

  4. WOW! Number 3! Congratulations.
    I second what Nelleke said.