Monday, 13 January 2014




Do you remember how we drove there piled in the car? Baby's first road trip; across the flat spaces and towards the blue haze of mountains.



Do you remember craning necks as we looked for Ha Ling's peak? And I was getting so confused as we twisted and turned.



Do you remember walking along the streets in spitting raindrops? Millie and I would grin every time we turned and looked, because the scene above the rooftops seemed for all the world like a low budget Western backdrop.


Do you remember how it was my annoying habit to dally in quilt shops, and you all waited by the door with patience while I hemmed and hawed?


And on the way home, you guys held hands and we peaked beneath the blanket at her eyes and let the sleepy roll over us.


And you. Do you remember when you saw a dear friend loving her first baby and the wonder of it made you smile?




This is to remember.





  1. Aww, I am touched. We definitely want to visit you sometime this year! And the quilt turned out really nice!

  2. AH! Kills me (in a good way).