Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Change That Isn't

At times, there is great blessing in the open road. A night away. A new city to stare wide-eyed at.

At times, there is hunger only a lobster roll will fix.

Times when nothing will do, but to watch someone's grandmother dance in front of you - blasting music and she's totally not paying attention to anyone else.

There is something about fireflies over the stage and a clear sky slowly getting darker. Music at sunset. And when you feel the cold coming, you lean back between the people on either side. Know them or not, all it takes are your shoulders wedged together to get warm again.

It's the lift of spirits when you're laughing, moving and thinking it is kind of funny you are here at all.

It's the sound of people singing sweet. And you know you were singing along,

There are times, when you have to have some change.

But if there is one thing that I always find...even in the new scenes and is that change is never really change.

To find that God's love is as long as it is thick.

To see that He keeps His hand across borders and states and crowds as far as you can see.

To know that He is the God over old men, egg-shakers, the blues and double bass.

The God who made someone with wicked navigating skills...and people who love prayer.

And I learn again, that He is Alive, He is Good, and in the best possible way, nothing really changes.