Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What Liv Learned in May 2014

May is over? What!

Here are some things to start your June off right.

1. Did you know that behind every baseball game, there stands a couple talented ball girls/boys?Their  job is to protect fans from getting beaned by fouls...and they can catch baseballs in a serious way.

This is not real, but still fun.

2. Those who collect or deal coins as a hobby are called numismatists. Sounds spooky (I'm thinking necromancer)...but that's the name they have for it!

3. Apparently there is a reason why some songs make us dance. So it's true that we can't really help it (and I'm not crazy!)

And here is probably the danciest song around, right now.

4. I always thought that poetry was all about syllables...and to make the lines match you simply needed ten fingers and a brain to count.

So I was surprised to discover metric foot, which has to do with the stressed syllables.  It appears that the important thing is only how many stressed syllables you have. This determines the type of meter you are dealing with, and also creates consistency between two lines.

The extra words and syllables which are unstressed can just relax. As long as there aren't more than four per stressed syllable - nobody is worried about them!

5. Hell's Angels started as a veteran's motorcycle club and the name refers to a nickname for bomber squads during WW1 and 2.

6. A guitar capo? The best invention ever.

It means that I can play any song on the internet, while still only knowing 8.5 chords.

 Any song requests?

7. Poker is a difficult game to master and best left to professionals. But if you ever want to create a stiffly competitive game, throw a few Oreos in the pot.

8. And last but not least, I've discovered the worst name in the history of country music. Ready?

Conway Twitty.



  1. *laughs* You always make me smile with your tidbits of learning, Liv!

    The Numismatist Necromancer... Try saying that three times fast! :D

    I didn't know there was actually a science behind dance music! But that makes so much sense! And you're right: "Happy" is an extremely danceable (yes, I know that's not a word) track.

    Ah yes, the intricacies of poetry. It can actually be kind of fun to write once you figure out that rhythm, though I'm still not very good at it. :/

    And why is Conway Twitty the worst name in country music?

  2. ...Because it is just ridiculous. And undignified. And funny. :)

    OK, OK - probably not the WORST name ever. ;)

    1. But it's incredibly unique; you've got to admit at least that. ;)

      Hehe, probably not - reality will surprise you with it's strange names. :D

  3. Twitty is such a strange and silly last name! I have some new strange names to share with you, Olivia! Have you heard of Moon Unit and Dweezil? I promise you that they are real people. Check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Zappa :)