Saturday, 11 August 2012

A burnt supper post

So...yesterday I canned peaches. I love to can, seeing the full jars all lined up on the counter and pantry shelves is very rewarding. But...sometimes during the process I wonder if it is worth it! It's just that being up to my elbows in peach juice, keeping three girlies under four happy and under control and taking business calls whilst trying to keep things hot and sterile *cough, cough* is well...just plain HARD. =)  Some better planning might have been helpful...

  Like, why was I making bread on top of that! It was abandoned...except for a wack now and then to keep it from getting out of control. As you can see it still managed to spill over.

Pictures don't show the half of the "burnt supper"-kind-of-day. Sorry, but I'm not honest enough to show the floor pictures with it's collection of peach pits. But I got 16 quart-ish jars and a cobbler made for supper with some left for pie and maybe I'll do a little jam. ...and I still have hopes of getting more!

I am very grateful I have the best baby it the world! =D

from my kitchen to yours,  Aimee

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