Thursday, 30 August 2012

These Last Days of Summer

There is something afoot in the last days of August. The nights get cooler, the colours deepen, and you can just smell the end of warmth.
 It smells a goodbye.

Yet, a goodbye to good things, that you were glad to know.

It’s not hard to make the most of these last days of summer. The garden overflows, and the speckled canning pot moves from the stove to the kitchen floor and back again.

The days are busy and long.

But most of all, they are full. Full, shaken down and running over with every good thing. Golden rod, mason jars, and late night trips to the corn patch.

Journals by flashlight and fire.


We make the most of them while we can.



  1. 20 something and already so nostalgic.
    Impressive amount of canning!

    I really wanted to share this with you. Aren't they adorable!

  2. Such an a great post. I love your pictures. They are so comforting.