Friday, 1 March 2013

from the Crafting Archives...

After each new project completed, I've intended to post full comments and pictures for your pleasure.

And after each new project, I get sidetracked by another and forget.

The sum  total of all this confusion is that you get one post instead of six.

You're welcome.

So. What's been going on in my sewing room?

We have....Exhibit A: The Bow Clutch

Fast, easy and a great way to explore denim, canvas or other textiles. Don't let the zipper scare you! Try these.

And yes - I know they are not perfect rectangles. I pick my battles when it comes to sewing.

Exhibit B:  the Ultimate Masculine Mittens

You remember my mitten grief  of a year ago? Not any more. Although I have made two more pairs of  knitted mittens with better success - this tutorial is a much happier experience. So quick - and perfect for re-purposing an old sweater.

Exhibit C: Delicious Stuffed Elephant

This project totally stole my heart. I mean, making something to wear or use is so different than creating something that stares back at you. I loved it.

It also makes the perfect baby present. I felt oddly cruel tying it to some receiving blankets  - but it's going to a good home, honest.

I adapted the tutorial a bit, but the pattern pieces were a helpful start and FREE - which is hard to come by, for some reason.
(Incidentally,  if you run across free stuffed animal patterns, I'd love to see the links!)

And Finally...Exhibit D: The Terrible Trio of Cross-stitch

This project is finally done. That's the nicest thing I have to say about them.. The nastiest thing I have to say, is that they give me a headache everytime I look at them.. And somewhere in between, I have to admit that they are sort of  cute and tacky.

Lucky for you - I have no tutorial or link, and the pattern is buried at a secret location.

And that's that!  I have more obsessions with random  crafting ideas, brewing within me these days. Be on the lookout for granny squares and burp cloths!



  1. You just said burp cloths!!!

    - Millie

  2. Thank you!

    And sorry. :)


  3. You are a very talented young lady. Beautiful work " )

  4. Cute projects! That elephant is adorable and definitely went to a good home. I made sure it arrived safely! :)

  5. I have some stuffed animal patterns. Not online but paper ones. I have Winnie the Pooh and friends (from when disney first came out with it), and several doll and other stuffies patterns. I'm not sure where they are, but if I come across them I'll keep them out for you, if you like.