Thursday, 14 March 2013


I think it is almost here.


The Vesey's seed boxes arrived today.

I finally jumped on the funfetti bandwagon.


We did some colourful nailpainting this morning.

...and a round of Farmer in the Dell, for good measure....

Truth is, everyone is tired of socks and shoes, these days. Tired of  frozen vegetables and the smell of indoors and pale skin.


And while March can sometimes seem endless as it straddles snow and rain - there are spots of sunshine to see us through.

And cupcakes. Don't forget the cupcakes.



  1. For some reason I never even thought it was possible to make funfetti except from a mix. Now I want to try it. :) Also I love the nailpolish, of course.

  2. I want to try the German buttercream.

  3. @Emily: ThFunfetti is very satisfying. Dumping sprinkles never looses its charm.
    @Meg: It was good - but not sweet at all. Kind of a nice change from normal buttercream.