Friday, 22 March 2013

Sometimes, I Even Find Myself Embarassing.

I debated back and forth, whether to blog about this or not.

There were several reasons.

I was partially squeamish about being seen in my sleeping wear, (indecent) partially shy to admit I've wanted pajamas like Shirley Temple has in Curly Top (juvenile) and even more shy to admit I've watched Shirley Temple at all.

And there isn't even a helpful tutorial or pattern that I can share. This many-month project, was all tracing my own PJ pants and mangling an old paper pattern I borrowed. 

In the end, it was my pure, unjustifiable, inner glee with how this turned out, that made me decide to post.

So here it is.


Clown  Pajamas.

Don't say I didn't warn you.



  1. Haha, you always make me laugh, Lippy! But I must applaud your effort; my sewing projects tend to get bogged down rather quickly. Don't feel bad about watching Shirley Temple. There are some really good ones. ;) And I think the pajamas are adorable! Just don't add some kind of clown head, okay? :P

  2. Andrew and I insist you wear those pyjamas when you visit!

  3. @Belle: I promise I won't crack out the red rubber nose!

    @Margaret: OK! :)