Thursday, 17 October 2013

Photo Challenge Week 40 & 41


"A rich confusion of awareness lies below the level of our consciousness. Artists reach into that confusion and give it an order. As we stand before a painting or listen to music or read a poem, we suddenly see our own experiences and insights projected onto the details of the work before us.
Artist turn our pain into art so we can bear it. They turn our joys into art so we can prolong them. In song and statue, poem and painting, artists give shape to the affirmations and denials of the human race."
Leland Ryken

Something I'm Grateful For:



  1. What a great quote! I have just recently had the artisan in me re-awaken. After having had my last child, all the time and energy I had for visual interpretations and artistic outlets had been re-directed to a new little body. Well, he's older now, and my time is more abundant than it was at first. As I look at where I want to go with my art, I reflected on what I want my art to say. Because it always has a message...I want it, that message, to be a lasting and meaningful one.

  2. The quote came from The Liberated Imagination by Leland Ryken - which I am not quite finished, but so far is VERY good. It might be something to explore, Julie, as he really goes through what type of things the arts are called to express. Best wishes on your new endeavours! :)
    Thanks for the comments!

  3. I really liked the second one! You captured an aura of relaxation with it. Obviously, it's a bed, so... But I'm serious. You captured that Saturday morning feeling very well. :)