Thursday, 31 October 2013

Lessons Millie Learned in October 2013

1.       Tips are confusing. Thus I am grateful that some debit card machines have an option to just type in the percent you want to tip and it figures out the rest for you. Cool, eh?

2.       Americans don’t seem to believe in guardrails. I was informed that guard rails don’t do much to protect you, anyway. But, at least you have the illusion of safety.

3.       I learned that I rarely regret the things I did – but rather the things I didn’t do.

4.       Things are often not as difficult or scary as you would think at first.

5.       You never know what’s going to make the biggest impression in a child.

6.       I hate Hallowe’en. Not particularly because of any doctrinal stance. It’s just so ugly!

7.       I learned that sometimes there is great strength in confessing one’s weaknesses.

8.       And sometimes we learn we’re not the only ones who are weak at times.

9.       Real life? Yeah, it’s more gutwrenching, messy, and confusing than we could imagine. But, it’s also more wonderful, joyful, and breathtakingly beautiful than we can foresee.  
- Millie

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