Friday, 1 November 2013

What I Learned in October 2013 - The Liv Edition

1. I can make a shaped cake. Cool.

P.S. I didn't use a cake mix...fortherecord.

2. Naptime is always the best time.

3. Nothing is as hard as the anticipation of that said same something hard.

4. That I no longer need to sign my name to every journal entry. Who else would be writing in my journal anyway?

5. Fiction is a legitimate form of brain food and soul growing. Fact.

6. The Red Sox have this beard thing and it is perhaps the most endearing/amusing sports related thing I have seen in a long time.

7. Green mountains of Vermont. White mountains of New Hampshire.
They are just as beautiful as they sound. Go see them if you can!

8. Friends means that you can disagree and friends.

9. Cornmeal coconut pancakes are too good, BTW and whatever some may say.

10. The word poiema is where we get poem from, and it is the same word used to describe God's workmanship in us.
In other words, we are God's poem. Do we live like it?
If you want to have it explained more eloquently, and have every art making cliché turned on its head...this book may be helpful.

11. Kids are really the very funniest things going.


And that's that.

Join in the learning fun if you like. Just post your aha things in the comments...we'd love to read them!



  1. 3 is so true! Why do we torture ourselves with the expectations of how bad it's going to be? Because it usually turns out to be not too bad after all. :D
    4 - you really used to sign your journal? I went through a faze where I addressed them to myself, using my middle name, like I was writing a letter, but I don't think I ever signed them. Huh. We all have our endearing quirks, right?
    6 - Wow, I didn't know that. I'm not much of a baseball person. But you know the first thing I thought of? Hockey players grow beards too, you know! Hehe
    10 - Okay, that's awesome!
    In October, I learned that I really am terrible at organizing my room. *sigh* But I also learned that kids can change a lot in a little amount of time and each moment should be cherished.
    I love hearing about your life lessons. They're fun!

  2. Two things to say to you...

    "No bunny will be able to resist a slice of this adorable dessert."


    I'm sorry I made fun of your pancakes. Is that why you wrote #8 - because I'm rude and contrary and you still like me? ;)

  3. So much to say!!
    @Belle: Yes, yes hockey players. But they have scruff...not he-man beards. And thanks for the lessons learned!
    @Emily: Don't you feed your bunnies at the table? And no! It was a lesson from the whole month, not just five days in the car. Probably one you learned too, because I distinctly remember being a pill on more than one occasion. ;)
    Love you guys!

    1. *grin* You have a point. It was a pretty cool article. :)