Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What Liv Learned in September 2013...

1. That if you are cross, lonely or feeling downright peevish...clean. Throw away, dust, reorganize the files, or make files in the first place. You may even mutter while you do this. It will feel wonderful.

2. In all my years of living in the same house as a woodstove, I have never made a single edible thing with it. During a power outage however, Millie and I were so bold as to fry eggs and sausage by candle light. I learned it was quite doable and a little bit fun.

3. I learned that turkeys are not nearly as alarming as my childhood self seemed to think. It was rather soothing and therapeutic to herd them in the dark with Katie.

4. This month I discovered that it is possible to actually enjoy having commitments and feel happy amid the lists and lines on the calendar. And apparently, stress attacks about life are (for me anyway) an optional activity! How did I not know this before?

5. I learned that I really need to work hard at completing full, clear sentences when I speak. Petering out is never a good idea, but it becomes downright bewildering to elderly folk.

6. I made sushi for the first time in September and learned that it is possible, pleasantly palatable and particularly pmessy.


7. I was convicted with the truth that critical thoughts of the heart will come out in the face, the words, the raised eyebrows. And I learned that truly loving someone has to start way down deep.

8. I learned just how much mental strain trip planning requires. And how on earth do you do anything without Google?

9. I re-remembered that Christians are people like everyone else and we can't expect anything different. Why do we even try to do that?

And most of all...

10. God is glorified all the more when He uses cracked vessels to do Kingdom work. How exciting to be part of the church , particular and universal, right full of these same people! Hold them close.

Over and out.


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