Monday, 30 September 2013

What Millie Learned in September 2013

Posts like these seem especially appropriate in September with the start of another school year. For me, this month has been full of lessons as well as lesson planning, sore throats from talking so much, and brain bursting loads of new information.

So, from the classroom:

1. Manitoba maples are also called ash-leaf maples and some people say you can get sap from them. Maybe we should tap the ones in our back yard.

2. It is a great feeling of accomplishment when your students envy your lunch. Apparently boiled eggs, cheese, and crackers are special.

3. Homeschooled kids don't understand a buddy system. Come to think of it, I was homeschooled and, therefore, probably don't really understand it either.

4. It is apparently very difficult for a three year old and a four year old to understand the concept of breathing in and out, as pertaining to singing. They also are unable to stand still and sing at the same time. In their words, "I want to dance and sing."

5. An ant colony has a queen. New queens grow wings and fly away to form new colonies.

6. The cave paintings at Lascaux, France were discovered by two boys and their dog in 1940.

7. Little boys - I'm not sure what I've learned about little boys. Just that they are a lovely mix of quirky manliness and heart melting love, predictable grossness and genuine humour; and I'm thankful for the few that I know.

And from life...

8. Dear people come in the most surprising ways into your life. When my pastor left our church over a year ago, I thought nothing good could come of it. But, God sent a big man with a bigger heart, another with a mild voice, and many more. Out pulpit was filled and so were our hearts. Maybe God's way is best after all. Why did I ever doubt?

9. This world where God has made us strangers is now a scary and confusing place. God gives us good things like school curriculum, food, drink, marriage, and pretty clothes. But all these things eventually pass away, and what will last is his grace, mercy, and the faith he has given us to trust him completely.

10. There is room in God's plan for repentance and mistakes, because God is bigger than our sin and through broken-ness is the path to praising Christ.

11. Through fear, anger, bitterness, worry, panic, frustration, anxiety, hate...God is there. He is there in the ungracious place to offer grace and to bring his errant child home. In him there is repentance, renewal, and remembrance.

12. Teachers fail, mothers fail, children disappoint, and sometimes nature walks yield nothing but burdocks in sweaters. I'm learning that it's really okay. God is greater.

Grace be with you all.

- Millie


  1. Beautiful, Millie :) It's so encouraging to hear about the lasting treasures that never pass away.

  2. 8 - 12 were absolutely perfect for what I've been discovering too! Our God is great, isn't He?