Wednesday, 11 September 2013


It’s been quiet around on here – a little pocket of silence. Maybe it means busy in Real Life. Or maybe and most truthfully, it would seem my mind has been a blank for the last few weeks. Not that I have nothing to say (good grief) – but maybe whatever I’m saying sounds mostly like a broken record.

But here’s something –

I was talking to someone the other day about beauty in the hidden places. Because, after all, if something is not hung in an art gallery, sung at Carnegie Hall, been pinned with a blue ribbon, been eaten by royalty, been featured in a magazine…is it art, some how less valuable?

Or does beauty and the lovely things find themselves pouring most lavish from the everyday corners of our lives. Like God’s grace. No less stingy to the least of these.

And isn’t it true? “It is possible for people to live quietly amazing lives, you know.”

And it is possible for people to make quietly amazing art.

So I’m asking you. How do you make art, beauty and pictures of grace in your life? And how do you plan to do it today?




  1. I'm cleaning house, today. :)Funny how the mundane can become a form of worship, when done with love in the heart.
    - millie

  2. We sat down and read some poetry at teatime. The table had a cloth, and the fruit muffins were warm and on a pretty plate. They didn't last long.
    If I didn't blog about it, does it count? I was just thinking of a smaller way we can buy into the lie you mentioned. If I didn't update my Facebook status/twitter about it/put it on instagram, this moment of beauty still happened. It still blessed our lives.