Monday, 23 September 2013

On Being Gluten-Free

On August 19th, I stopped eating gluten. I decided I'd try it for a month to see if a gluten-free diet would fix some of the health issues I was experiencing. I must admit I was a little loath to do so, as being gluten-free is considered quite trendy, and my rebellious heart doesn't go in for anything that might be associated with urban coffee shops and hipster glasses. But, at the same time, I understand the state of flour in the modern world and know it can sometimes do some pretty groovy things to one's insides.

So, I went gluten-free. I thought it would probably be pretty hard, because, in the words of my nephew, "I love gluten." But, though I did have a few slip ups where I just totally forgot about my diet and started eating crackers and other such glutinous products to beat the band, surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. Here are some of the things that saved me.

1. Gluten-free oats, which were turned into granola bars. I would wrap them individually and keep them in the freezer. I hate to tell you how many of those I ate. Just suffice to say, I'm a little tired of granola bars, now.

2. A sister who didn't mind experimenting with gluten-free pizza dough, pie crust, and thickening stews with corn starch instead of flour. Thanks, Liv!

3. These brownies:

4. I don't have a great sweet tooth, so I didn't mind passing up cakes and the like, if I had to. Bread was actually the hardest to give up.

5. I have masochistic tendencies and took a secret delight in occasionally sternly renouncing hamburgers and subsisting on green salad for supper, as well as just learning to sometimes be hungry.

6. Our family doesn't do a whole lot of going out to eat, either at restaurants or at other people's houses. So, the moments of awkward, "ummm...I can't eat that" were few and far between.

On September 19th, I celebrated by eating shortbread cookies for breakfast. Being gluten-free didn't seem to make much difference in my health, but I did lose around seven pounds and had an interesting experience, to boot!

- Millie


  1. Very interesting, Millie! I've done gluten-free for about two weeks before, and honestly, it probably would benefit me quite a bit to do it more. The thing I learned was that I ate more protein and fruits and veggies, and that's a good thing. So, yes, it's an adjustment, but it can be a good one to make. Are you going to continue with a gluten-free diet?

    1. Right now, I'm not planning on continuing being gluten-free. But I may in the future, depending on my health. :)

  2. I've always wanted to try this too! Just for a bit. Maybe now I'll give it a go :)

  3. Going gluten free would be terribly hard for me. :) I wonder sometimes if it would be healthful or help anything, for Andrea or maybe me too. Dairy free is hard enough for me. :)