Thursday, 6 February 2014

For This Month of Love

I have developed the ridiculous habit of checking this blog over the last weeks - somehow expecting that I have posted something amazing without knowing it.


It doesn't happen that way apparently.


We're in the throes of curriculum writing this month, so it seems like my best work is to create lists of homonyms. However, while scanning through poetry anthologies, I found these gems. Appropriate for Valentine's and all that.


For the men:


"Now you're married, you must obey;

You must be true to all you say;

You must be kind; you must be good;

And keep your wife in kindling wood."




Words to live by, that.


And as for my own personal life plan...


"If no one ever marries me -

And I don't see why they should,

For nurse says I'm not pretty,

And I'm seldom very good -


If no one ever marries me,

I shan't mind very much,

I shall buy a squirrel in a cage

And a little rabbit-hutch;


I shall have a cottage near a wood,

And a pony all my own,

And a little lamb, quite clean and tame,

That I can take to town.


And when I'm getting really old -

At twenty-eight or nine -

I shall buy a little orphan-girl

And bring her up as mine."


~Lawrence Alma-Tadema


I'm totally pumped. See you in the cottage!




  1. *laughs* Yes, sometimes I wish I had posted something brilliant without knowing it, too. :D I'm less eager to be okay with not marrying, though. ;) I'm still learning to let God lead in that area.

  2. I'm not always so philosophical, Belle. But my own personal technique is to laugh about whatever I can. :)

    1. Huh, I don't know why I never answered you. But yes, laughter is always good medicine. :D

  3. I'd totally marry that man.

  4. Your first paragraph made me laugh! Good poems, too. What about all the brilliant things you learned in January?! I love those posts.

  5. Hey, that second poem was my plan, too! Didn't work out at all. Just warning you.