Saturday, 1 March 2014

What Millie Learned in February 2014

1. I'm far too practical to ever be romantically involved with a country singer. (Besides the fact that I don't have blonde hair, blue eyes, or weigh 120 pounds.)Because if he wanted to run through the woods waiting for the night train in some Southern state, all I can think of is "snakes!" For the same reason, I would eschew muddy river banks. And I don't drink beer. Yeah. So, I think we've ruled out country music stars.

2. My five year old niece pointed out to me that the letter names of the white keys on her family's piano are written at the very back of each key. How did I not know this ever before? Sadly, this phenomenon is not present in all pianos. But, if you have a piano, it's worth checking out.

3. Apparently I am a "Rational Mastermind (INTJ)" in the Keirsey Temperament Testing realm, which kind of sounds like I'm trying to take over the world. But, really I just like to be efficient and tend to be rather intense about something in which I'm interested. Rational Masterminds also are often led into such job fields as "scientific research, design engineering, or environmental planning." How sad that I think my own personality is boring! What's your Keirsey temperament?

4. Working lots of evenings this month on fourth grade curriculum with my sister has shown how capable we are to laugh at the silliest things when we are tired. Who knew that mispronouncing the word "plurals" could be so funny?

5. This month I discovered that I'm turning into the sort of person who gloats about an unexpected money saving moment. I'm not sure that I like this discovery...

6. Apparently, for a fourth grader, getting a first penalty in hockey is cause for rejoicing.

7. Receiving flowers is really something I need to work on. I never realized it was such an art to gracefully and adeptly get them out of their wrapper, find a vase, pour in the powdery stuff in the little packet and arrange said flowers in an attractive manner!

8. I learned that the accordion is the instrument to transcend all races, religions, and countries. Don't ask me how, but I managed to find a playlist of accordion music on YouTube that included the following cultures: Jewish, French, Ukrainian (?) folk, Israeli orchestral, and bluegrass. I personally think this chap does quite well for himself.
And who doesn't like a good farmer tan? (Hey! maybe I could go for a country singer, after all?)

9. What I did at age eleven is definitely not what I would do at age twenty. In other words, home videos are traumatizing.

10. Whenever I write something that I think is horrible, everyone seems to like it. When I like it, no one else does. Why is this?

11. Children with foreign accents are so cute! And kids that take snowballs in the face without flinching are awesome.

12. This world is hurting. But the Healer is more powerful than the hurt.

Here's to March and all the lessons we have still yet to learn!

- Millie


  1. Apparently I am a "Guardian Protector (ISFJ)"... I'm curious how the results would compare in another personality test, especially since I found a lot of the questions hard to answer.

    I agree about home videos! I did not want my wedding videotaped and especially not the birth of my children.

  2. I'm a Guardian Provider, Margaret! Yeah - I was wondering if it would change, if I took the test in a few years.