Wednesday, 30 April 2014

It's coming.

In some our world, it isn't 'if it snows' but 'when'.

Sometimes it is long lasting, and you sink to your hips in the powdery piles.

Other days bring only enough to tip over your boot top. Just enough to got your feet wet.

Some years, the snow disappears early and we congratulate each other, grinning on the porch with bare legs and white feet.

Other winters linger long...long...And there are times when you forget what warm wind feels like.

Yet there is a promise...and it is the longest and most bitter winters that have us holding on to it tight.

For Jesus says, My child, be still. Spring is coming.

And it will always come.

All now mysterious shall be bright at last. This truth...yes. Yes.

Spring  is coming.



  1. Yes. Thank you for the encouraging reminder :)

  2. Beautiful :) This post reminds me of how the puritans studied nature with the view that creation presents lessons by way of analogy for us. I definitely have room to improve in that kind of observation.