Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What Liv Learned in March 2014

1. I reeeeaally can get tired of snow. Like the kind of tired that makes you panic at sight of a snowflake.


2. There is actually a special word to describe the "reconciling of God's character with suffering in the world." Theodicy is the word and the morning after reading some of Paradise Lost, I woke up muttering it.

It made quite an impression on me, apparently.


3. Watching Anne of Green Gables for the first time in a couple years always brings new insights and discoveries.

Such as...Gilbert Blythe's voice is so. high.


4. I was barely aware of their existence, let alone the theories. But it would seem that the Mound Builders are a 'pre-historic' civilization surrounded by controversy. Some say the mounds are the work of multiple cultures over time, others say the builders were a race of giants. And still others say that the theory of giants is only a Anglo-European bias against Native American's engineering skills.


Either way, the mounds are still beautiful.




And while we're on the subject of semi-conspiracy theory things...


Can someone please tell me what crop circles are?! For reals.



And before I go...This.





Have a great month everyone!



xo Liv


  1. I hear you about the snow! We got another centimeter last night.

  2. This winter was the first time I can think of (for a long while at least) where I felt panicky at the sight of snow, too.
    And, now I'm scared to rewatch Anne of Green Gables. :)