Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lessons of July...

1. Our corolla can go a long way after the "fill up" warning light comes on. And this is a good thing in THE BOONIES of northern New Brunswick between Campbellton and Kedgwick!

2. And how come I didn't know Saint-Quentin was such a western-wanna-be town! It still makes me laugh, I only wish I had taken a picture to post. Just picture the main street of a small maritime town with cutouts of cacti, cowboy boots, and the like on every lamp post/telephone pole. Also, saloon looking fronts, a cowboy silhouette in every other yard, you name it...all. the way. through town. The sort of thing you would expect of a hick town in Arizona not Atlantic Canada. ...And if you knew this was Saint-Quentin don't laugh at my oblivity, the last time I was in that neck of the woods was many years ago. I vaguely remember getting off the trans-cananda and camping at Sugarloaf on the way to see [the] Gaspe, I probably slept in between.

3. I can do simple re-upholstery. I think it's not bad, even if I do say so myself...

 4. July always goes by too fast!

5. Things like camera cords prefer to resurface after they are required. Last months project...

6. Supper is best served "on time"...  gotta run!



  1. I miss you!

    The chair does look good! :-)

  2. The chair looks amazing! As does the ruler.

    - Millie

  3. The ruler looks really neat, Aimee! I would love to copy that idea when we have a more long-term house.

  4. I love the chair! I'm very impressed.

  5. :) #5 camera cords and a lot of other things (like wallets). :)

  6. Or my student card... after I had paid for a replacement.