Friday, 9 August 2013

Lessons of August!

And here I am, bringing up the very tardy rear in our "Things I have Learned" series.  I have to admit...I have really fallen behind in my personal photo taking, which makes this post rather bare! I apologize!

1. Sometimes the best way to celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary is to spend it at the fair...with kids...just enjoying their childlike wonder and glee.

2. I am the busiest lazy person I know.

3. Not everyone values all life...

4. People like getting their pictures taken in the summer, which is fun...because it often includes babies, but busy!

5.  My lips can get sunburnt!

Painting by Layla
6. Our sailboat can't be tipped matter how hard 4 brothers may try.

7. The Kingston Peninsula, NB is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

8. I am way less patient than I thought I was...particularly when waiting for a special phone call!

9. We can grow peaches!

10. When we are broken and discouraged, God lifts us up, gives us grace and propels us forward. He gives us the strength to find that extra hour in the day, He lifts our heads when we find ourselves beaten down by others and His promises are always sure.


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