Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ten Reasons I'm Glad I'm Single

99% of single girls hate the fact that they’re single. They feel lonely, misplaced, and out of the loop. And while I have experienced all of that multiple times, I also think that there is a lot to be said for the single state. Here’s ten reasons why I’m glad that I’m single.

1.       I can wear heavy applications of lipstick and not worry about kissing issues.

2.       All the blankets on the bed are for me and me alone!

3.       I can cut my hair any time I want without a husband raising a stink about it.

4.       No need to read any scary, confusing, guilt-tripping pregnancy books.

5.       I don’t have to a) worry about planning a wedding or b) regret parts of a wedding already past.

6.       No anniversary and Valentine’s day presents to think about. While we’re on the subject, one less Christmas and birthday present to think about too.

7.       I’m free to comment on the handsomeness of actors and male acquaintances quite freely.

8.       I can read books for wives and mothers without fear of being convicted.

9.       I can wear ratty pajamas without anyone knowing or caring.

10.   I can be the “expert” on homemaking and parenting without fear of failure.

I think that it’s hard for single girls to gain a sense of security and belonging without a husband and family. Meanwhile, we struggle with career choices and where we should live – whether we should stay where we are, or go out looking. Many of us view homemaking as a worthy life calling. It’s hard to accept the fact that we’re going to have to wait for this – or maybe never get married at all. And, I’m right there with you, ladies.

Be brave, and don’t settle for a life full of waiting, sadness, and complaining. You are not a lesser individual because you are single. You are not less pretty, or smart, or witty, or godly than the wives that you know. You just have a different path to follow. Enjoy your single state as much as you can, and wear that red lipstick, baby!
- Millie


  1. hehe, thanks Millie! Oh, and I got excited when I found you on Pinterest :)

  2. Okay, had I been alone, I would have broken out laughing at 1) and 7). They were hilarious! But you have an important point, Millie. We need to be happy where we are and trust that God knows what He's doing. :)

  3. For me it took going out with the wrong person for a while to realize that there are things a lot worse than being single. I became quite contented with the single life after that, and took the opportunities to do the things I was free to do...travelled on a short term mission trip, used the money I earned in ways that were important to me, went to concerts whenever I wanted to, took courses I was interested in... Each stage of life has it's own blessings and struggles. As a married mom with 3 little ones, I find this life full of blessings too. And yet, I'm so glad I didn't wait for this stage as though it would be the fulfillment of all my dreams. (If I had, right now I'd probably be waiting for the diaper-and-midnight-waking stage to be over before I could be truly happy.) There are not many concerts, mission trips, or courses in my life now, and I'm glad I did what I did while I had the freedom. Too bad I didn't discover lipstick back then... enjoying it now though. lol
    What a long comment. I feel so strongly about this, though. Enjoy the season of life you're in!

  4. Good post, Millie.

    I agree with you, Nelleke! I am happy to be married with a baby, but I enjoyed being single too. Like you said there are different thigns you can do in each life stage.

  5. When I first got married I realized how much I been waiting to be 'a real person' in the sense of getting to know people, hospitality, reaching out etc. I regret forgetting that within my 'gift of singleness' I also had the gift of discretionary time, flexibility, fewer financial commitments. I'm thankful for the ways I did try to stretch myself and grow though!

  6. Also:

    1. Thanks for the article, Michelle! I think that it is so important for all women, whether married (with or without children) or single to make homes and to invest in relationships through hospitality and other time consuming but rewarding tasks.

      Now that I think about it, this is important for men, too. But women are often able to make better brownies. :)

      Thank you for all the kind comments, everyone!